C. V.

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September 4, 2023

Email: h.q@jhu.edu


Research Interests

Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics

Teaching Interests

Microeconomics, Econometrics, Labor Economics, Game Theory, Market Design, Computational Economics

Research Papers

  • “Human Capital Transferability, Occupational Mobility, and Employer Monopsony Power” (Job Market Paper, coming soon)
  • “Growing Up Together: Sibling Correlation, Parental Influence, and Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Developing Countries” with Nazmul Ahsan, Shahe Emran, Hanchen Jiang, and Forhad Shilpi (WB working paper)


  • Elements of Microeconomics (2021, instructor)
  • Econometrics (PhD) (2022, 2023, TA)
  • Econometrics (Undergraduate) (2023, TA)
  • Elements of Microeconomics (2020, TA)
  • Elements of Macroeconomics (2020, TA) 
  • Economics of Health (2019, TA)
  • Economics of Poverty and Inequality (2021, TA)
  • Investments and Portfolio Management (2022, TA)


  • Short term consultant, World Bank (2020.11-2021.06)

 Awards and Grants

  • Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Award, Johns Hopkins University (2020)
  • Provost’s Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University (2022)
  • Sylvia and Wilifried Prewo fellowship, Johns Hopkins University (2022-2023)
  • Department Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Economics (2018-2024)
  • Merit student, Peking University (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Leo Koguan scholarship, Peking University (2015, 2016)


  • 9th Conference on Social and Economic Data (Berlin, 2023)
  • International Workshop on Establishment Panel Analyses (Nürnberg, 2023)
  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Micro (2022, 2023)


  • Graduate Advisory Council, Department of Economics, JHU (2022-2023)
  • Virtual session chair, Society of Labor Economists 26th Annual Meeting (2021)


  • Software: Stata, MATA, MATLAB, Python, LaTeX, MS Office
  • Language: English (fluent), Chinese (native)