Teaching Evaluation: Elements of Microeconomics (2021 Summer)

The overall quality of this course is:

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Mean evaluation: 4.31 (Department average: 3.90)

The instructor’s teaching effectiveness is:

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Mean evaluation: 4.44 (Department average: 3.84)

What are the best aspects of this course?

  • Organized slides, organized structure of the course, good feedback on assignments, Good mix of use of graphs, math, etc. • I like the homeworks. I think the practice problems are good.
  • Qingyang is very nice and extremely organized. He makes sure to send out all of the notes and respond to emails quickly. • the instructor was pretty nice and the homework was reasonable
  • The grading structure is amazing; for me, I get really stressed with the correctness of my homework, so not worrying about that and focusing on it made it very easy. In fact, I did a lot better on the 4 homework documents than any of the homework I did during my first year. I was able to learn very well.
  • I liked how the instructor was understanding and wasn’t harsh. I also liked how the homework was mostly reflective of the actual exams, and how the homework that wasn’t was a cool and different way to come to understand the terms and concepts using Excel. It was also helpful that we went over the homework questions.
  • – Passionate professor – Great examples – Tough questions but effective – Tests test what is taught
  • The instructor is super nice and patient, the course is well structured, and the pace is just right, neither too fast or too slow. • good grade cutoffs
  • The feedback on homework and the teacher going over it afterwards.
  • Very clear lectures
  • Great feedback, course designed to help students understand material, group work encouraged
  • I think the best aspects of this course were the fact that it was synchronous and you had the opportunity to attend classes “in person” on zoom at the time of class. This allowed you opportunities to ask questions and feel like a strong educational experience. I also really appreciated the instructor, Qingyang. He demonstrated the utmost investment in his students which is something that I believe is critical for instructors to do in an academic learning environment for the success of their students.
  • The way the professor engaged the students and provided real-world examples to better explain the economic concepts were the best aspects of the course. He also provided prompt, individual feedback on all assignments/exams and extremely helpful suggestions on projects, as well as how to do better. Assignments and exams were clear and matched course material, yet still challenging enough to stretch the students’ thinking.

(Responses: 16 out of 19)